New Year, New Updates! January 5, 2016

Happy New Year from ITS YOUR RACE!  We hope all of our timers and race directors have had a great racing year in 2015, and are making plans for even more success in the new year.

We’re busy making updates these next few weeks to release at the Jaguar User Conference in St. Louis, but we’ve got a few minor updates now that we want to keep our customers up on:

  1. QUICK ACTIONS drop down box – This was a feature request from several timers regarding the ease of navigation in the admin tool for events.  When you are managing an event now, you’ll see the QUICK ACTIONS dropdown in the upper right corner of the admin screen.  This allows you direct access to any IYR feature for that event:
  2. Ability to COPY registrant information from one participant to another during the same transaction – Many people register for races with family members, which means that the majority of their participant information (address, name, phone number, emergency contact info, etc) stays the same.  This can be especially frustrating on race day when people are trying to quickly navigate through the registration process.  We now have a dropdown available for all participants after the first one that allows you to COPY any other participant’s information:
    ITS YOUR RACE.clipular
  3. SOLD OUT feature – When you have limits on a registration type and that limit has been reached, we now have a notification that lets people know that the registration type has been SOLD OUT:2655e078e4e44b11a675b63d34221552
  4. Credit Card Descriptor – Need to see what’s showing up on a Participant’s credit card statement?  You can now view the CREDIT CARD DESCRIPTOR under the REGISTRATION SETTINGS

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