Give Your Event’s ABOUT PAGE a Boost!

Is your event’s ABOUT PAGE getting enough attention?

Training for a race can be stressful enough, don’t let your participants feel overwhelmed or left in the dark by not knowing all the race day details.  When you set up your event on ITS YOUR RACE, we give you the tools to carefully spell out the when, where, why and how.  It’s up to you as an event director to give them as much information as possible so they can carefully plan out their race day and leave with a good experience. In addition to receiving positive feedback for a well-organized event, you will also free up some of your time as a race director.  The more information you provide on your event’s ABOUT PAGE, the less time you will spend responding to questions about your event’s logistics.

When you set up your ABOUT PAGE, we ask you for a “short description” of your event.  This will be used as the opening line on your event, and will often include the distance and location of your event, any major highlights and any causes that your event supports.  For example, “A fun, Fall 5K run through beautiful downtown Berlin!  All proceeds benefit Atlantic General Hospital of Berlin.”


What’s included in an effective ABOUT PAGE?

An effective full description will include all the details that are pertinent to your event.  Remember to keep your ABOUT PAGE concise and easy to read.

  • Optional images or header – We allow you to copy and paste images from your website, or you can upload an image from your local computer to the FILE MANAGER in your ITS YOUR RACE admin tool.  Images should not exceed 800 pixels wide.
  • Location – Highlight the event location.  Briefly describe the course and any fun or challenging aspects to the event (live music along the course, Halloween costume attire, obstacles, etc)
  • Fundraising – If your event is for a cause, be sure to highlight this as well as any fundraising opportunities that coincide with the event.
  • Race Day Details – Prior to your event, people will want to know where they need to go and what time they need to be there.  It’s important to include:
    • Race Registration Fees – While IYR will display the date and time a registration type will go up in price, it’s a good idea to let people know when prices will increase on the ABOUT PAGE as well.
    • Parking –  Tell people the exact location for race-day parking, the suggested time of arrival and any fees for parking.  It’s also very important to include how early surrounding roads will be closed.
    • Race-Day Registration – Let them know if this will be available or not, the price and what time race day reg will open.
    • Packet Pickup Information – If your event has packet pickup on days leading up to the event, make this a separate section on your ABOUT PAGE.  Otherwise, you can include it in the “Race Day Details”, and be sure to tell people exactly where to go to pick up their race packet and what time packet pickup will be available.
    • Pacers – If volunteer pacers are going to be available, you can highlight the paces that will be available.
    • Aid stations, water and food stops (typically for marathons or longer-distances)
    • Start line and course information – The location, any wave information (if you have a large event) and a description of the course.  ITS YOUR RACE also provides you with the ability to map your run using our tool.  This creates an interactive map for athletes to see exactly where they will be running or riding on Google Maps. Go to the COURSE MAPS menu item in your event manager and add separate maps of each distance included in your event.
    • Awards Ceremony and Post-Race Entertainment – Highlight awards and the breakdown for age groups for awards.  Let participants know about any post-race festivities and any amenities that will be available after the event.
  • Results information – If your event results are going to be available on ITS YOUR RACE, we place a “RESULTS” menu item on the ABOUT PAGE, but you can also include this in your event description to reiterate to athletes that they can find their results on IYR.  You can also let them know they can download the ITS YOUR RACE mobile app to look up their results immediately following the event.
  • Refund policy / inclement weather plan – Let athletes know what the refund policy is upfront so there’s no confusion.  A clearly stated refund policy also helps defend a credit card dispute if it comes up.


Additional thoughts and best practices:

In addition to ensuring that you have conveyed all the pertinent event details, here are a few more things you can do to make sure your ABOUT PAGE is useful and valuable.

Facebook feed:

ITS YOUR RACE also allows you to embed the feed from your Facebook PAGE on the ABOUT PAGE.  Please note that this must be a Facebook PAGE and not a Facebook EVENT.  You can create both, but the feed on ITS YOUR RACE will come from the Facebook PAGE. (Here’s a link to Facebook’s explanation on PAGES).

Additional Custom HTML for your Event Page:

Use this feature to display engaging content like past images, course maps, sponsor links, hotel & parking information.

This feature works best if set to the right margin.  Be sure to resize the photos to 275px wide (any height) to allow them to fit properly in the right margin.




Click here to view the Mighty Niagara Half Marathon and Hospice 5K Dash for an example of an event that has done an awesome job with laying out their ABOUT PAGE. 

Creating a template:

After you’ve dialed in your ABOUT PAGE content with all the necessary event details, you can copy and paste the information for future events and edit as needed. This will not only save you time for any upcoming events but will also give your events a consistent look and feel.

As your event approaches, if you have important information to convey to your athletes, such as parking, road changes or weather updates, we suggest posting these to the top of your ABOUT PAGE.

Remember the more information you can provide, the better.  A descriptive ABOUT PAGE that’s laid out well can be used as a great marketing tool to get more participants!

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