ITS YOUR RACE Social Sharing & Event Logo Update

Share Your Logo and Event Details with Your Facebook Fans!

We’ve made a couple of improvements to managing and displaying logos and YES…. the “Invite Your Friends” share now supports an image. Other changes to be noted include:

1. ITS YOUR RACE has introduced a new way to upload your logos during the event creation process (or you can alter the logos to an existing event). You are now able to upload three unique logos/images for each of the three categories:

Event Searches / Listing
Individual IYR Event Pages
Facebook Sharing

2. We’ve also added a default logo. This default logo will be used when you don’t have or haven’t yet updated your own custom logo.

3. It’s now easier to customize the Facebook Share Message! You can define a custom message when sharing a post. If you choose not to add your own custom message the default text will be the event date.

4. When uploading your custom logos, there is now a feature to share a post directly to Facebook.

5. Lastly, we’ve added a Facebook debugging tool, that allows you to immediately update your logo and Facebook Share Message after making an edit.

Logos are paramount to your business for a few reasons:

  1. It’s the first visual element a user will see.
  2. Sets the tone and personality of your event
  3. An opportunity to differentiate your event from competitors.

Note: If you don’t plan to or want to designate different logos for each logo category, you can simply upload the same file (image) to all three categories if it meets our requirements of being at least 200×200 pixels and is a square.

Tip: You DO NOT need to reduce the size of the image that you’ll be uploading to IYR to 200×200, it just needs to be square. 200×200 is the minimum size that IYR will accept. Use a higher resolution image that is square and let the IYR upload tool do the rest.

When you create a new event on IYR, or you edit the logos in an existing event, you will be prompted to upload your logos. Having the option to upload custom logos gives you the opportunity to further promote your brand and use a different logo/image when necessary.

Here’s a full explanation of the three different logo upload options:

1. Event Listing Logo:

Stand out from the crowd!

When someone searches for an event, the first contact they will have with your brand is your event logo. A well-designed logo will stand out among competitors and draw attention to your event.

Tips and tricks!

Your event listing logo will be used on the “Upcoming Events” section of IYR. If your event is part of a series of events with a different logo or is part of a “brand” of events, you may wish to use a different logo here, so people recognize the brand. Depending on your overall goal and marketing strategy, you may even want to use your company logo for the event listing.  

Example of Event Listing Logo:

IYR Blog Post


2. Event Pages Logo

Be consistent with branding!

Your event page logo appears at the top of your Event Details page next to the title and location of your event. If you choose to use a different version of your event listing logo for your Event Details page, be sure to stay consistent with branding, colors, and your overall message.

Example of Event Page Logo:

IYR Blog Post 2


3. Facebook Share Image:

Let’s get social!

The more people who hear about your event, the better! Users will automatically receive a “Post to Facebook” message after registering to further promote social advocacy, in addition, under the admin logo tools, you can directly post a custom event logo to Facebook to share with your fans. You can use a copy of your logo, but you also have the ability to upload a separate file, which allows you to create a custom image and share message that can be posted directly to Facebook.

We encourage all of our customers to get creative with their share image and message!

Example of an event using a default Facebook share image:



Example of an event using a custom Facebook share image and message:

IYR Blog Post 4


There’s power in sharing!

Events are more fun with friends! When a user registers for an event on IYR, we automatically produce a pop-up that prompts the registrant to share the event on Facebook with their friends.

When a registrant clicks “Post to Facebook”, Facebook will automatically pull the Facebook share logo and your custom “Facebook Share Message” to the person’s dialogue box. Now, not only have you converted a user into a customer, but it’s yet another opportunity to gain exposure by having them share or tweet about your event on their social media feed.

Example of “Post to Facebook” screen after a user registers.

Screen Shot 2020-02-07 at 4.18.39 PM

To learn more about managing your logo categories and uploading separate images
click here.

Creating a great logo for your event is important, as it will be used in all of your marketing efforts, social media, t-shirt designs, and any other race swag that participants bring home with them. Take the time to create a great logo for your event! In addition, go a step further to create a unique Facebook Share image that will encourage friends and followers to register for your event!

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