Creating a “Hidden Registration Type”

Some races wish to open registration early for a special group of individuals or because of a promotion that they are running.  Some events may have a large group or a few individuals that “missed the boat” on registering before the closing date and wish to open registration again just for those people that have inquired.

ITS YOUR RACE now has the ability to create a registration type, and make it hidden from the general public that are registering for their event.  Once you have a registration type set to “HIDDEN”, you can then create a promo code that when applied, will display the registration type.


Fill out the registration type name, price, active dates for the registration type.  You can add price levels if you wish after you save the registration type.  If you are doing different price levels, so be sure to just set the first price and the dates that that price is active.  Once you save the registration type, you can add additional price levels.

In my example below, I created a registration type called “15K Late Registration” and as noted below, I set it to HIDDEN:


Once I’ve saved my registration type, I then go to REGISTRATION again in the admin tool and click on the PROMO CODES menu item.  Click on ADD A NEW PROMO CODE and fill out the form.

Create your promo code that will display the hidden registration types when applied.  In my example below, I am choosing to create a promo code called “LateReg” which will allow people to still register after registration is closed.  Note that I am limiting the promo code to my hidden registration type “15K Late Registration” and I marked YES to “Makes Hidden Registration Types Visible”


SAVE your promo code.  Now, when I go to register, it appears to participants that registration has closed:


However, when I apply the promo code, the “Late 15K Registration” reg type that I created as hidden now appears:






Adding “Order Add-Ons” with custom questions

Often times, an event will want to offer additional tickets or merchandise with their race registration. ITS YOUR RACE allows you to set up custom questions and add prices to the answers.  We charge 6% plus $0.30 on these type of transactions.  It’s important to note that there is no option to push these fees off to the participant, so be sure to factor that in when you are setting up your pricing options.  If you are selling a hat for $10.00, you will receive $9.10.

You have the option to add custom questions during the registration setup process, however, you can also add custom questions like this once you have registration set up.  This example below takes into account that you already have registration set up on ITS YOUR RACE.

Go to your admin tool for the event and click on REGISTRATION then select CUSTOM QUESTIONS. Fill our your Question Name (this is for admin use only) and Display text (this is what the participant will see when they are going through the registration process).

My example:


DISPLAY TEXT:  Would you like to purchase a custom race hat? (you can view the hat here)

For the “ANSWER TYPE:”, note that only options for custom questions that will incur a fee are “Drop-Down List, Radio Buttons and List Box”.  A list box will allow people to select more than 1 option, so if you are asking people if they want to purchase additional shirts, they can choose two smalls and a large if they wish.

In my example, I’ve chosen “Radio Buttons” and my possible answers are “Yes” with a price set to $10.00 and “No” with a price set to $0.00.  The display order is which order you’d like the answers to appear in.

SAVE the question.  Now, we need to apply this custom question to one of our registration types.  Go to REGISTRATION and REGISTRATION TYPES.  EDIT the registration type where you want this custom question to appear.  Scroll down and check the box next to your custom question.  SAVE the registration type.

Your custom question will be applied to the front-end user site and participants will be able to make an additional purchase if they wish during their registration.

You can download ORDER data under IMPORT/EXPORT DATA to view these purchases and account for them.



Multiple Events within 1 Stripe Account

Many timers or event directors have multiple events set up on ITS YOUR RACE.  A timer has the option of direct depositing the registration funds into their own account and paying out their event director.  In order to keep the accounting for your events separate, Stripe offers an option to “create a new account within one master account”.  That way, you can switch between accounts and reconcile the different amounts that were deposited from each separate event and know which amount to pay out to each race director.

This process is only applicable if you’ve already set up 1 event on ITS YOUR RACE and have a Stripe account set up for direct deposit on that event.  BEFORE YOUR CREATE THE NEW EVENT ON ITS YOUR RACE, login to your Stripe account.  In the upper right corner, click on your account name and select CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT:


Name your new account after the event name…


This will take you into the new account dashboard.  Click on the account name in the upper right again and click ACCOUNT SETTINGS


Click on the PUBLIC tab and then fill out the credit card descriptor settings.  This is what your registrants will see on their statement, so we always recommend putting in the event name or something that a registrant will recognize as their race registration charge.


Click DONE.  Then go to ITS YOUR RACE and create your new event.  Once you go through the event creation wizard and get to the step where you sign up for registration services, click the CONNECT WITH STRIPE button.  In the upper right corner, there is a link that says “Already have a Stripe account?  Log In”


Switch to your newly created account and fill in the appropriate information:


This will allow you to manage multiple events within 1 Stripe login for your timing company or race event company.  When you login to Stripe, you can switch between accounts to see how much money came from each event.

Sponsorships for Your Event on IYR

The heart of every race is its participants.  Many events, however, also depend on their valuable sponsors to stay in business and provide their participants with the experience that they deserve.  ITS YOUR RACE now has the ability for every event to provide their sponsors with more exposure AND we now allow you to solicit sponsors directly through your custom IYR details page.

This new feature includes:

  1. A custom SPONSORS page where you can set up custom text, logos and links to your sponsors.  Encourage your sponsors to offer athletes a coupon if possible to give them more exposure!
  2. A custom SPONSORSHIPS page where you can set up “sponsorship levels” and allow sponsors to sign up through ITS YOUR RACE and pay to be a sponsor (6% plus $0.30 fees apply)


Setting up a SPONSORS PAGE

  1. Go to the admin tool for your event and click on SPONSORS.  You will be taken to the SPONSORS CONTENT page.  This is where you will list any current sponsors, and solicit any potential sponsors.  
    1. PLEASE NOTE: In order to show the SPONSORSHIPS page, you must MANUALLY place the link on the SPONSORS PAGE.  At the top of the page, you’ll see the link to the sponsorships page.  Right click the words “sponsorships page” and click “COPY LINK”.  Then go down to the content area for your SPONSORS page and put text such as….
      Interested in becoming a sponsor?  
      Click here to learn more about our sponsorship levels available and to sign up to become a sponsor!

See the example image below for instructions on copying the SPONSORSHIPS PAGE link:


  1. After you add the section to solicit sponsors, add a section that thanks your current sponsors and set up the logos, links and offers from all of them.  To add a logo, click on the tool that allows you to INSERT/EDIT IMAGE

Add all of your content and logos.  Here is an example of a complete SPONSORS PAGE:




Your SPONSORSHIPS PAGE enables you to solicit additional sponsors and allow them to pay online via ITS YOUR RACE.  There is a 6% plus $0.30 processing fee for sponsorship fees, however, we do cap the ITS YOUR RACE portion of the fees to $12.95.  The credit card processing fees (2.9% plus $0.30) have no cap on them.  This means that any payment over $418 will results in a fee of 2.9% plus $13.25 ($12.95 + $0.30).

Once your sponsors are set up, set up some content on your SPONSORSHIPS page.  Let them know WHY they should sponsor your event (how many athletes they will have exposure to, what your cause is, where the location of the event is, etc).  This can be done in the SPONSORSHIPS PAGE content area.  On the SPONSORSHIPS page, we automatically include a button that says “BECOME A SPONSOR”.  This opens a new page where a sponsor can select their level and submit their payment for becoming a sponsor.  You’ll see in my example below that I tell my sponsors to click on that button.




Depending on the size and location of your event, you will likely be collecting multiple sponsors at different levels.  Prior to setting up sponsorships on ITS YOUR RACE, you will need to decide your various types of sponsorship levels and the cost for each level.

1) Under the SPONSORS admin feature, click on the menu item for SPONSORSHIPS

2) Fill out the title for your “BECOME A SPONSOR” page, then choose who you want to pay the processing fees.  Most events choose to take the fees out of the sponsor price rather than add the fees to the sponsorship level

3) The CUSTOM HTML for RECEIPT/EMAIL CONFIRMATION is the page that your sponsors will see once their transaction goes through.  Fill this out with information that the sponsor needs to know about the next steps for being featured in your event (ask them to provide you with a logo for your website and/or event tshirt, a link to their website, an offer for event participants, etc).  This will also be included in the email receipt that the sponsor receives.

4) Set up your SPONSORSHIP LEVELS – Click the button to ADD A NEW LEVEL.  You can choose a custom naming scheme for your sponsorship levels.  The DESCRIPTION is the name of the level, the AMOUNT is the price the sponsor will pay, SHOW should be set to YES and the DISPLAY ORDER is the order that the levels will appear in

  1. If you want to allow sponsors to choose their own custom amount, you can do this and set a MINIMUM AMOUNT that they can select to sponsor

Click the SAVE button once you are finished.  Here is an example:



Once you have everything set up for your existing sponsors and soliciting potential sponsors, you need to turn the SPONSORS menu item on on the front-end site (your custom event details page on

Go back to your event’s admin home dashboard and click on EVENT SETTINGS.  Then go to WEBSITE MENU ITEMS.  Scroll down to SPONSORS and select SHOW and click SAVE.

Now go to your custom ITS YOUR RACE URL (your event details page).  You’ll see that SPONSORS menu item now appears at the top.  


Multiple Divisions in 1 Registration Type

How can I create a multi-participant registration type that allows people to go into separate divisions?

We received this question a lot, and now we have a solution!  You can now create a CUSTOM QUESTION with a dropdown answer-type that allows you to put a person into a division based on how they answer that question.

So, for example.  I have a REGISTRATION TYPE for a “family of 4” and I have a 15K, a 5K and a kid’s fun run.

First, set up the CUSTOM QUESTION.  Go to REGISTRATION in the admin tool and click on CUSTOM QUESTIONS.  Click the link to ADD A NEW CUSTOM QUESTION.

The QUESTION NAME does not appear to the front-end user (the registering participant) so you can call this something like “Family registration”

The display text should read something like “Which event is this person participating in?”

Select the DROP DOWN LIST answer-type and make the answer shown and required.  This will force each person to select which division they are going into.

Click the ADD A NEW ANSWER button and put in your divisions.  For “price” you can add an additional dollar amount if one of the divisions costs more (see my example below).


SAVE the question then go to REGISTRATION TYPES and ADD A NEW REGISTRATION TYPE.   My example will be a registration type good for a family or group of 4.  I’m setting the price for 4 people in the 5K and fun run, and then as you can see, I’ve added $7 to the custom question answer if one or more people decided to run the 15K division.

Please note that we currently do not have the ability to have a “variable number” of participants within a registration type, so if you want to have discounts for “up to a family or group of 7, you’ll need to make separate registration types like this:

Family or Group of 4 – $70

Family or Group of 5 – $80

Family or Group of 6 – $95

Family or Group of 7 – $110

When it comes to the question “SELECT INCLUDED RACE(S)”, check the box that says NO RACES ARE ASSOCIATED WITH THIS REGISTRATION TYPE.  This is because your custom question puts the people in the division for you.

Check the box for the custom question that you just created and save the registration type.  See my example below:


When people register for the FAMILY OF 4  REGISTRATION TYPE, they will have to answer that custom question for EACH participant, thus putting each participant in the designated division.




How can I use social media with my online registration?

The power of social media is a great way to increase your event’s participation.  So many race directors feel overwhelmed with keeping up with their event accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more!  While having your event brand on accounts for these outlets is vital to growing your event and getting information to your participants, you’ll also want to encourage your participants to share your event on their own personal accounts.

The average Facebook user has about 340 friends, and the average number of followers on Twitter is about 210.  If your event has 300 participants and 50% of them share the excitement of registering for your event, that has the potential for over 80,000 extra sets of eyes on your event!  How can you create this buzz and encourage your participants to share your event?

Get them right after they register.  It’s easy to set up and customize your IYR registration receipt page and email.  Simply go to REGISTRATION then RECEIPT/EMAIL SETTINGS in your event’s admin tool:


Whatever you put in the CUSTOM HTML box will be shown to any registered participant on the confirmation page as well as in their confirmation email.  This is the perfect place to put any important information you need your participants to know about packet pickup or race day (parking, post race party info, awards, etc).  It’s also a great place to encourage users to share your event on Facebook!  We’ve created two buttons you can use here:

(Just RIGHT CLICK each button and click COPY IMAGE and then paste it into your custom HTML box).

copy_image.jpgNext, you’ll need to create the “share links” that will share your event details page on ITS YOUR RACE. We recommend using this tool:

The Facebook link is easy.  Just COPY and PASTE your custom IYR event URL into the link creator.  For Twitter, put in a suggested tweet along with your custom URL.  Remember that Twitter has a 140-character limit.  You can see our example below:

Once your links are created COPY the URL only section for Facebook, go back to ITS YOUR RACE and highlight the FACEBOOK BUTTON then click the HYPERLINK MANAGER BUTTON:


Paste in your URL from the Share Link Generator and do the same thing for the Twitter button.

When your participants register, their confirmation page will look like this:


The SHARE buttons stand out, and your participants will be excited to invite their friends and followers to join!

An Overview of ITS YOUR RACE Features

The online race registration market is heavily saturated with options. ITS YOUR RACE sticks out from the crowd by providing a combined software solution from online registration to results and photos and everything in between.  Sometimes, our wealth of features seem to be lost on our timers and race directors.  The following list is a brief overview of everything that IYR can offer your event.

We are constantly adding new features to this list and our customers are our best R&D team.  Any suggestions that you have for our upcoming features or any questions that you have about implementing existing features, please feel free to drop us a note!


Event Listing (free for any event listed on IYR)

  • Custom URL on ITS YOUR RACE website
  • Custom Event details page with full event description and option to include photos
  • Location and Map listed on IYR website
  • Listing in IYR Mobile App with Event name, location and date
  • Event contact listed on details page
  • Event logo displayed

Online Registration

  • Direct Deposit or Monthly Check Option for payments
  • Secure payment processing using STRIPE
  • Easy set up for users directly on at any time
  • Separate user permissions for each event for race owners, managers and timers
  • Custom data exports – choose the fields you want to export
  • Direct data export in Jaguar database format – no need to manipulate data in Excel
  • Direct data import in Jaguar database format
  • Separate RACES and REGISTRATION TYPES set up for multiple races within 1 event (eg. Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K)
  • Easy price level setup for automatic price increases on certain date and time
  • Race-day registration kiosk mode for quick registration – options for cash, check or credit card payments
  • Packet Pickup volunteer permission allows volunteers to easily look up a registered participant, assign a bib number, collect payment (if necessary) and check the participant as paid and picked up
  • Promo code feature allow for hundreds of promo codes to be entered at once (or individually). Specifications for promo codes include:
    • Percentage or Dollar off discount
    • Date and time that promo code is good for
    • Minimum dollar amount for order for promo code to apply
    • Number of times code can be used
    • Number of times per transaction code can be used
    • Max number of participants code can be used for
    • Limit promo code to specific registration types
  • Custom Shirt Sizes
    • Ability to set up multiple “shirt size collections” for each race
    • Ability to add additional dollar amount for any specific type of shirt or size (eg. $3 additional charge for 3XL)
  • Custom Waivers and ability to add multiple waivers for each event
  • Wave setup and automatic integration with registration process
  • Team setup and automatic integration with registration process
    • Relay teams
      • one bib number per team and limit on team size
      • Separate division for RELAY and results combined for entire team (searchable results by bib number or by team name)
      • Payment options – Team captain can pay for entire team, set up password and invite team members individually OR team captain can pay and invite team members to join and pay separately
      • Team names and list of runners (athletes) under each team show up on the TEAM menu item on the front-end of the site
    • Group-Type Teams
      • No separate division, allow individual runners to associate with a team and have their own individual results
      • No limit on number of people that can join a team
      • Team names and list of runners (athletes) under each team show up on the TEAM menu item on the front-end of the site
      • Option to create a new team or join an existing team automatically enabled during registration process when “ALLOW TEAMS” is selected on a registration type
  • Custom Receipt/Registration Confirmation Page
  • Email notification when someone registers
  • In-Depth Registrant Data Reports
    • how many people signed up for each registration types and the dates and prices they paid
    • the number of participants signed up for each individual RACE
    • a list of all available shirt sizes and the number of people that have selected each size
    • registrants by gender
    • registrants by state
    • registrants by age group
    • social media account connections
    • promo codes used
    • amount donated to each available charity
    • waves enabled and number of participants signed up for each wave
    • number of participants that have picked up their packet
    • answers to custom questions
    • order add-on report (if you have a dollar amount for any custom question answer, we total up the amount and give you a report for each registrant that purchased the add-on)
  • Race-Day Registration
    • kiosk mode for rapid touch-screen-friendly registration process on a tablet or touchscreen laptop
    • ability to accept cash, check or credit card payments on race day
    • ability to set up custom registration types with custom race-day prices
    • Packet pickup volunteer permission in backend admin allows you to hand over a laptop connected to IYR to a volunteer.  That volunteer simply looks up the last name of the person that just registered, assigns them a bib, collects cash or check payment if necessary and checks that the packet has been picked up.  

Fundraising and Charities

Charity Setup and Payments
Many events benefit a special cause.  For this reason, ITS YOUR RACE created the CHARITY feature that allows an event to set up a charity that anyone can donate to (registrants or non-registrants).

Charity features include:

  • easy setup with name and full description of the cause, including the ability to upload custom fonts and images if necessary
  • automatic donation question enabled in the registration process when a charity is created.  When a person is registering, we add a step to the process that says “Would you like to donate to one of our charities?” and include the name and full description of the cause.  The user can put in any amount they wish to donate.  (IYR charges 6% fees on donations, so the charity will receive the donation less 6%).
  • Reports for donations.  The event will receive all donations to their payment account that’s been set up (check or direct deposit) and will be responsible for paying out to the charity if it is a 3rd party organization.  IYR separates all donations on the revenue summary dashboard as well as provides a separate report detailing all donation data.

Individual and Team Fundraising for Charities
Want to raise more money for your cause?  Inspire your athletes to fundraise!  Fundraising Features include:

  • Custom fundraising page for your entire event which tells potential fundraisers about your cause and shows your goal and progress for fundraising
  • Custom Individual and Team fundraising pages.  Each fundraiser sets their own goal and has their own progress meter like the main fundraising page.  IYR provides a registered fundraiser with a direct link to their fundraising page so they can share their efforts with friends and family through email or social media.
  • Fundraising and donation reports
    • Individuals and teams can download their donor data to send thank-you emails or letters
    • Admins can download all donation data and donor data


Integration with Jaguar Timing System

  • Direct VPN Connection to the Jaguar Timing Software
  • Participant download from IYR available in Jaguar
    • Divisions are already assigned automatically if using IYR for registration
  • Jaguar Database export type built into IYR
  • Automatic bib assignment within IYR
  • Timing data sent automatically to IYR while the race is in progress
  • Live Athlete Tracking function allows spectators to view athlete’s progress on a course map and live timing splits throughout the race
  • Jaguar SnapShot photos sent automatically to IYR for immediate sharing and purchase by athletes in their results
  • Results sent automatically to IYR


Web Results Engine

  • Searchable Results by Individual or Team Name
  • Breakdown of entire race – Number of Participants, Number of Finishers, Average Pace and Average Finish Time
  • Ability to Switch between Years or Events
  • Individual Results pages
    • Breakdown of performance with Chip Time, Overall, Gender and Age Group Placement and Average Page
    • Free Finisher Certificate Download for printing
    • Free Sharing of Photos to Facebook (if Jaguar SnapShot is utilized)

Awards Feature

  • Ability to set up award categories prior to race
    • Option to import Jaguar Age Group file or manually set up age group categories
  • List of awards in mobile-friendly format
  • When results are finalized, timer can hand race director a tablet with the awards page pulled up and RD can read awards off right from IYR

Setting Up Fundraising for Your Event

Tar Heel 10 Miler 2015-7-ZF-9988-48892-1-001-003

Philanthropy has become a “hot buzz word” in the racing industry.  Athletes, both young and old want to better themselves through racing, and many of them want to achieve more than that.  Individual fundraising gives athletes extra motivation during their journey to race day.

ITS YOUR RACE has always allowed events using the platform for online registration to set up CHARITIES .  This allows all registrants (and even non-registrants) to simply put in a donation for your charity during the registration process.   Now, you can take that one step further and enable FUNDRAISING.  This feature reaches out to athletes that have registered and asks them not only to donate to the charity, but to create an individual fundraising page, set a goal and enlist others to donate.

To enable this feature, first, you must have online registration enabled and a payment type set up (check or direct deposit).  ITS YOUR RACE will pay all donations out to that entity and it will be the event’s responsibility to pay out their charity.  We provide detailed donation reports so the event can reconcile all donations owed.

Go to the FUNDRAISING menu item in the admin tool.

Fill out the settings:

  1. Title: What do you want to call your event’s fundraising campaign? (eg. The Myrtle Beach Run for Breast Cancer 5K Fundraising”
  2. Enable fundraising should be set to YES if you are ready to turn it on
  3. Goal: how much do you want all of your participants to raise for this event? We keep track of your progress and goal through a meter on your event’s fundraising page.  You should set a realistic goal given the size of your event to encourage participants to set realistic goals for their personal efforts.
  4. Allow Contributors to Pay Processing Fees: (ITS YOUR RACE charges a flat rate of 6% plus $0.30 for all charitable donations made through the fundraising or donation platform. If you select “YES” for this setting, a donor will be given the option to add the fee to their donation, or exclude the fee from their donation.  If you select NO for this setting, the fees will automatically be deducted from all donation amounts)
  5. This is probably the most important part of the fundraising page.  Tell people why they should become individual fundraisers and exactly what or who the charity that benefits from the fundraising helps.  Tell them about the various awards that are given to the top fundraisers.  You can copy and paste photos from your charity’s website here.
  6. Award Levels: You can encourage your fundraising efforts by having different awards and levels. For example, a free entry to next year’s race (or a refund for this year’s race) if they raise $250.  A free tech shirt if they raise $400.  And so on.

Charities – in order for fundraising to be turned on, you must add at least one charity for the fundraising efforts to benefit. After you’ve filled in all of the fundraising settings, select the CHARITIES menu item and click the link to ADD A NEW CHARITY.  Fill out the information for your charity.  Again, the full description is very important because it tells the story on why people should donate to this particular charity.  Add images and tell the story as best as possible.

Here is an example of a fundraising campaign:


New Year, New Updates! January 5, 2016

Happy New Year from ITS YOUR RACE!  We hope all of our timers and race directors have had a great racing year in 2015, and are making plans for even more success in the new year.

We’re busy making updates these next few weeks to release at the Jaguar User Conference in St. Louis, but we’ve got a few minor updates now that we want to keep our customers up on:

  1. QUICK ACTIONS drop down box – This was a feature request from several timers regarding the ease of navigation in the admin tool for events.  When you are managing an event now, you’ll see the QUICK ACTIONS dropdown in the upper right corner of the admin screen.  This allows you direct access to any IYR feature for that event:
  2. Ability to COPY registrant information from one participant to another during the same transaction – Many people register for races with family members, which means that the majority of their participant information (address, name, phone number, emergency contact info, etc) stays the same.  This can be especially frustrating on race day when people are trying to quickly navigate through the registration process.  We now have a dropdown available for all participants after the first one that allows you to COPY any other participant’s information:
    ITS YOUR RACE.clipular
  3. SOLD OUT feature – When you have limits on a registration type and that limit has been reached, we now have a notification that lets people know that the registration type has been SOLD OUT:2655e078e4e44b11a675b63d34221552
  4. Credit Card Descriptor – Need to see what’s showing up on a Participant’s credit card statement?  You can now view the CREDIT CARD DESCRIPTOR under the REGISTRATION SETTINGS

What does my race director see when I send an owner invitation?

We receive this question a lot from timers when they are trying to get their race director to fill out the payment information for online registration.  Some event directors get lost in setting up an account on ITS YOUR RACE or can’t figure out how to get in to the admin section to sign up for online registration.  This post will help you trouble-shoot with your event director if they are having trouble.

It’s important to note first that ITS YOUR RACE was designed to help our Jaguar Timers have an all-in-one platform that allows them to set up online registration for their race director and then have all of that registration data in the exact format that they need for timing on race day.  It also allows them to upload live photos, results and athlete tracking data directly from their timing system.  The expectation is that the TIMER sets up the event and INVITES THE OWNER to fill out the payment information.  Below is the process that occurs from a timer setting up an event to an event owner filling out payment information and finally, the timer taking registration live.

  1. The timer logs in, goes to MY ACCOUNT, MANAGE EVENTS and CREATE A NEW EVENT.  During the event creation process, you’ll be asked to fill out event details, create RACES (which are the equivalent of the JAGUAR DIVISIONS that you plan on setting up in your timing system on race day), create a WAIVER, SHIRT SIZE COLLECTION and set up WAVES (if applicable).  Finally, you will be asked to set up REGISTRATION TYPES.  These are what the participant sees when they go to sign up for the event.  Example registration types are 5K Adult, 5K Student, 5K Family of 4 and Kids Fun Run.
  2. Once you have gone through that process, we will ask you if you want to sign up for registration services.  CHECK THE BOX that says “Sign up for registration” and then agree to the terms of service that IYR will be this event’s sole provider of online registration.
  3. Next, it will ask you what your ROLE in the event is.  Check the box that says TIMER and a form will automatically appear prompting you to invite your OWNER.  Only people with OWNER permissions can fill out the payment information for an event.  We give you the option to fill in a custom note for your event director.  I always recommend telling the event owner about the software briefly and what they should do with the invitation they are receiving.  Feel free to copy and paste the text below:
    This is the registration software we’ll be using to allow participants to register online for your race. Please create an ITS YOUR RACE login to access the admin dashboard for your event. Once you are on the admin dashboard, click REGISTRATION SIGN UP and then fill out the payment option and information. Let me know if you have any questions!”
  4. This is the email that your owner receives:
    owner_invite_step1*Troubleshooting tip* Due to spam filters on some workplace email addresses, we’ve had a few complaints that owners do not receive the invitation and therefore cannot complete the process.  If this happens, ask them to CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON ITS YOUR RACE with the SAME EMAIL ADDRESS that you invited to the event.  Go to MY ACCOUNT and within the dropdown click on EVENT INVITES.  This will allow them to view the email above without receiving it in their inbox.  They can click on the link in the invitation that will take them to their admin dashboard and prompt them to fill out the registration payment information.
  5. Once an owner receives the email, the click on the link and are taken to a page that prompts them to create an account on IYR:

  6. In most cases, the owner will be creating an IYR account:
  7. Once they create their account, they are taken to a page that tells them what their role as an EVENT OWNER is:
  8. This is where I feel that some owners may get confused.  Once they get to the dashboard, they need to click on the REGISTRATION SIGN UP menu item:
  9. When they click on this, they will be taken to the page where they agree to sign up for online registration through ITS YOUR RACE and then select their payment option:
  10. Once they fill out all of the information for those options, you will be able to turn registration on by logging in and going to the ADMIN for the event, going to REGISTRATION and setting ALLOW REGISTRATION to YES and clicking SAVE.  As long as you have previously set up your RACES and REGISTRATION TYPES during the event setup wizard, your registration will be ready to go live: